Ferrari Wins Muscle Race

In sport in general and Formula 1 in particular is not easy to find testimonies that are not conditioned by individual interests. Fernando Alonso , for example, claims to be going through one of the best moments of his life, a mood that contrasts much to his speech in recent years, who used until recently and that linked their happiness with the chance of winning a new title of world champion. Another of the arguments used to justify his sudden departure of Ferrari at the end of last year and his surprising return to McLaren, revolves around the competitiveness of the red cars. According to Alonso, Ferrari is more or less in the same situation as in the previous five seasons in which he was the spearhead, in which he achieved three second places (2010, 2012 and 2013) and in which fought for the crown to the last race twice (2010 and 2012).

At the gates of the Canadian Grand Prix, the seventh stop on the calendar, Sebastian Vettel , the new flagship of Maranello, it ranked third in the table, 28 points behind leader Lewis Hamilton , and 18 unless Nico Rosberg, Mercedes fellow Briton. Vettel achieved victory in Malaysia threatened to shake the status quo established since 2014, but the four subsequent gains made by the duo star brand again leave everything in place. Last year, in Monte Carlo, Alonso put his SF14-T in the fifth place on the grid goes just over seven tenths faster (Rosberg). That was the same distance that separated two weeks ago Hamilton (pole) Vettel (third). In this sense we must give the Spaniard reason, things have not changed much, if at all what happened was that teams like Williams and Red Bull have disappeared from where they were and have left only Ferrari as Mercedes tracker.

In house ‘Il Prancing Horse’ live moments of serenity. The arrival of tetracampeón defuse tension has allowed the last time, but at the same time no one is oblivious to the land there are some scratch on Mercedes. To try to cut this disadvantage, the technicians of the Italian team have prepared the first major change the engine of his car, waiting and brand in Montreal. With this development, the Scuderia hopes to achieve an increase in power would be around 30 horses. “Reaching Mercedes is a big challenge, but we are doing everything in our power. I hope [the new engine] us more benefits, although obviously I can not say how we will improve. First because I can, and then because we have not yet tested in court, “Vettel claimed Thursday, from the Gilles Villeneuve circuit. “It will also depend on what others have done,” settled the German.

The Scuderia hopes to achieve an increase in power would be around 30 horses

Apart from the increase in performance that can bring this specification engine, must take into account that he and Kimi Raikkonen this weekend incorporate the third unit of the four has at its disposal, so it is likely none of them can finish the year without being penalized 10 grid positions for exceeding the limit established by the rules.

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