911 GT3 R

Based on the Porsche 911 GT3 RS street we met a couple of months to mark the Geneva Motor Show, the Stuttgart brand now presents its racing version, the new 911 GT3 R 2015.

It has a six-cylinder boxer 4.0 500 hp. Of course, optimized for racing, with a wider range of speeds, with mechanical limited slip differential and a sequential gearbox from Porsche, permanent and six-speed gear can be changed via the steering wheel paddles.

Lightness is one of its hallmarks. Given the scale says 1,220 kg (the regulatory minimum for the category GT3), which represents a reduction of 200 kg against 911 GT3 RS. To do this, they have used a larger amount of light building materials: very light composite materials (plastic reinforced with carbon fiber) for the roof, hood, fenders, doors, side and rear sections and tailgate; polycarbonate windows and windshield (big news); aluminum and steel.

The use of these materials as well as increased wheelbase by 8.3 cm from the previous generation improves weight distribution and optimize the center of gravity of the car, thereby improving their behavior and cornering. With a wing two meters wide at the rear presiding body, there is no doubt that Porsche has worked conscientiously in the aerodynamics of the new 911 GT3 R.

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